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Niki's Nails

Hair & Beauty Awards "Best Gel Nails" 2024 - Finalist

Gel Nail Technician and Artist

I offer appointments in my comfortable home salon, with parking on my drive and wheelchair access. For my privacy address is given on appointment reminders 24h before. I am based very close to Salesian College in North Camp. I do not accept walk-ins, bookings in advance only.


I believe in the health of your natural nails and strive to help you grow your own!

I offer nail enhancements which include Gel Polish, Acrygel, Builder Gel (BIB), Full Cover Press Ons and Pedicures.

All Gel services include an express manicure to tidy up nails and cuticles.

Gel Polish offers a long lasting chip resistant finish to nails. I use Wowbao Nails Hema Free, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free Gel Polish. 

BIB can be used to add strength to soft, brittle, weak, bendy nails prone to breaking with clients being able to achieve upto 4 weeks between appointments!  It is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free. 

I can offer Extensions to those who want instant length. Depending on lifestyle and desired length I offer 3 types of Extension, Acrygel, Builder Gel and Full Cover Tips.

I never use harsh electric file tips on your natural nail so nails will not be thin or damaged if aftercare and correct removal are followed.

My services are available Monday Tuesday and Thursday from 9am till 6pm, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 2.30pm, to check availability or book please select the book now option.

Gel Polish

Price List

Deposit required to secure bookings

Gel Polish is Hema Free, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free


Start at £35

Treatment starts with preparing the nail plate and removing any dead cuticle skin. You may then select one long lasting chip resistant Gel Polish of your choice to be applied. More colours, glitter and nails art options available.
Approx 45mins

Lasts 3-4 weeks


Start at £30

For long lasting pretty toes select one gel polish colour of your choice to be applied after your nails are shaped, prepped and any cuticle removed.
Approx 45mins

Last 6-8 weeks depending on growth

Builder Gel or Acrygel

Price List

Deposit required to secure bookings


Start at £50

This treatment is great if you want instant added length.

All nails and lifestyles are different so please get in touch if you want extensions so we can discuss lifestyle and suitability.  Options are Builder Gel, Acrygel or Full Cover Press Ons.

Before extension applied nails are prepped using a board file, cuticles are pushed and removed. 

Prices includes one chip resistant long lasting colour with the option to add on extra colours, glitter or art.

Approx 90mins.

Lasts 3 weeks


Start at £40

Choose Overlay if you want to grow your own, if you want to add strength to weak nails prone to breaking. This is also the perfect choice for nail biters and pickers to break the habit and grow beautiful nails.

Cuticles are pushed and removed with nails being shaped before overlay applied.

Price includes one chip resistant colour with the option to add on extra colours, glitter or art.

Approx 60mins

Lasts 3-4 Weeks


Start at £40

I will only infill my own work.

Maintenance is required every 2-4 weeks depending on lifestsyle and growth with enhancements in the form of infill. After 4 weeks a removal and new set must be booked instead.

Previous colour removed and surfaces prepped including cuticle work before being infilled and a fresh colour of your choice applied. Art, glitter and extra colours charged.

Approx 60-90mins

Lasts 3-4 weeks


Price List

Deposit required to secure bookings



This is the base level treatment which offers soak in a Pedi bowl perfect to soften feet before dead cuticle skin is removed from the nail plate. Nails are then cut and filed before feet are filed to remove dry skin. You are then treated to a rejuvenating foot and leg massage to help increase circulation. Once complete nails are coloured using Gel Polish.
Approx 90mins



This is our luxury spa services as well as all the treatments in the standard package you will benefit from exfoliation to leave skin clear of impurities and its also finished off with a refreshing foot mask in heated booties before being finalised with Gel Polish.

Approx 90-120mins

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