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Nail Supplies


NO Under 14s - Gel Polish

NO Under 16s - Extensions


Booking fee

A non refundable booking fee will be taken to secure your booking. A link from SumUp will be sent and upon payment booking will be confirmed. Payment must be made in 24h. THIS IS NON REFUNDABLE.


If cancelled with more than 48h notice I am unable to refund booking fees as subject to an admin charge plus vat from my provider. Deposit will be moved to next appointment which must be arranged at time of cancellation. If less that 48h notice given booking fee will be lost to cover costs incurred to loss of earnings and new booking fee required for future bookings. 


Unless you are booked for an infill or removal please ensure nails are free of all products including nail polish or removal fee will be charged.


Infill can be carried out between 2-4 weeks anything over 4 weeks needs to be booked for removal and new set unless otherwise agreed for reasons such a slow nail growth or other agreed circumstances.

Other techs work

I will not infill another nail techs work. Removal price of another techs work will depend on the products they have used and time it takes to remove. 

Damage to nails including chips and lifting

Please report any issues with your nails as soon as they arise.

Any repairs are charged at £5 plus 10% of service charge per nail within 10 days for a maximum of 3 nails. After 10 days or more than 3 nails you will require a new set please book this online.

After care must be followed.

No refunds.

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